Applied to restrictive EA and ED to a different school???

<p>I applied to ED upenn and EA to georgetown. It is already December 11 so I'm worried about my dumb mistake. I haven't heard anything from either school either which may or may not be normal for a person who did what I did. </p>

<p>What should I do? If there's an obvious answer I'm sorry but obviously I've only been through this once. Since it's this late should I just do nothing and wait for my responses or should I contact georgetown or upenn and see if I can change my apps to RD?</p>


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<p>In my experience, it really depends on the schools and their policies, which you should definitely look up. If they’re both binding, however, I would venture a guess that it’s against policy - I would call the school you’re less interested in to get your application deferred.</p>



<p>I’m thinking the smart move at this point is to move the Georgetown application to RD. Less damage done that way.</p>

<p>Penn is binding Georgetown is not, however they do say that if you are applying to another school’s binding program, you can not apply EA to Georgetown.</p>



<p>It is always a matter of debate here on CC if and how the schools find out you have broken the rules. If you want to do the right thing and follow the rules then you could call one of the schools to change your application to RD before decisions come out.</p>

<p>Ok you may have a serious problem and need to act immediately. ED for Penn will be posted Monday the 16th, I don’t know about GT.</p>

<p>On the Penn ED page, it says that you are only restricted from applying ED somewhere else. If accepted you just withdraw your app or decline your EA school if admitted. </p>

<p>On the GT site, it says if you apply EA you may not apply ED anywhere. So there is your problem. It was clearly stated and you violated that, so you risk losing admissions to both. </p>

<p>You might contact your GC first thing today to ask for help in handling this so you don’t blow both chances. I’d guess you need to immediately contact GT and change to RD. (If that’s what you want, or both RD if you want to see if you get into both)</p>

<p>I would change your app to RD for one of those schools ASAP as you violated the terms of the SCEA/REA at Georgetown. I am not familiar with G-town, but my understanding of REA and SCEA is that you cannot apply to another school’s binding decision program and Penn’s ED is binding. I think you run the risk of having your decision rescinded if either should find out. Your GC should be able to help you with this.</p>

<p>The offended party in this case is Georgetown. Penn doesn’t really care, their policy is only that you not apply to other binding programs. So there seems to be no risk to your Penn application, only to your Georgetown one. If you want to preserve your Georgetown chance, should Penn fall through, move Georgetown to RD today! Rumor over on the Georgetown board is that they’ll be mailed tomorrow, so they’re probably already in prep. </p>

<p>Definitely use your GC for this.</p>

<p>Yes, you’re breaking the rule at Georgetown, but it doesn’t matter which one you switch to RD. If Georgetown is your first choice, then all you have to do is switch Penn to RD and you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>True dodgersmom, but if so it does bring up the question if the OP’s first choice is G’town why the OP applied ED to Brown…</p>

<p>You are in absolute violation of Georgetown’s policy and need to take action ASAP. You either need to move Georgetown to RD or move Penn to RD. Immediately.</p>

<p>Erin’s Dad, it’s Penn, not Brown.</p>

<p>I just read a similar post, but with ED to B and EA to Gt. Surprisingly (to me), B only restricts EA to single-choice schools, not open EA like Gt. Of course, it’s still in violation of the Gt policy to not apply to any schools ED.</p>

So what happened?

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