Applied to transfer, but having some second thoughts...

<p>Has anyone ever felt or went through this before?</p>

<p>So, I'm currently a freshman and I applied to University of Southern California as a transfer because I was deathly homesick and was just in a weird state of mind during first semester. I got good grades, built work experience from writing about the paterno-sandusky case, and got a letter of rec for transfer. But now that I've gotten so adjusted to my current school, I don't want to leave - I almost regret applying and wasting my time. The one thing that concerns me is the money. Since USC is private, I know it will be expensive, and living in LA is just expensive in general. I'm an OOS student at Penn State, but since my parents moved here and I will have established residency, I will get in-state tuition for the next subsequent years. Both schools have the interests I'm looking at: Art History and Archaeology. I applied to USC's prestigious Communication school because I thought it was what I wanted, but now that I've delved into more of Humanities/Arts, I don't want to pursue the Communication route.</p>

<p>My dad really would love me to go because: 1.) USC's prestige 2.) Location (since my family is from Seattle and I have other family members in California). He respects my final decision, but I know he will be happy if I chose USC, and that's IF I get in! I guess I just don't want to leave because I finally feel like...i'm alive. I've met fantastic friends here and made some great connection with professors who have connections, and the idea of leaving them behind makes me really sad. Also, I don't even know if USC's Archaeology and Art History programs are that much better than of Penn State's. My dad said to not worry about money since he will take care of it, but the idea of giving my family that burden does not make me happy. I know I should ideally go for the strength of program(s), but I don't know the pros/cons in this certain situation. I know for my career, I will likely pursue graduate school and hopefully work internationally. I just love culture/religion/language. I know it's early, but I'd figure I start reasoning out early on to be prepared on how to decide.</p>

<p>Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about it until the admissions decision came in- then you'll have more to compare, what with money, etc. </p>

<p>(Although as a side note, USC has been one of my dream schools forever. I would pick that one hands-down if I didn't have to stress about money.)</p>