Apply in summer, teachers on vacation

<p>If a student wants to apply over the summer to a rolling or early admission college, and the teachers are clearly unavailable to write recommendations now, what do you do? Apply now and ask for recs when school resumes?</p>

<p>Writing the application in summer does not mean sending it in summer. </p>

<p>Write your essays and applications now, but then sit on them for a month. Go back and read them and have a couple of other people read it as well. Do they portray who you are? </p>

<p>Colleges will not evaluate the application until all the bits and pieces are in place: recommendation, transcript, test scores, portfolio. There is nothing to be gained by sending in a first draft application in summer if the transcripts and recommendations will not be ready until fall. Just write the first draft (or several different first drafts) in summer.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you!</p>