Apply to 8-year med programs with Albany Med at both Siena and Union?

<p>Hi, I am looking at both the Leadership In Medicine program with Union College and Albany Medical College, and Siena's 8-year program with Albany Med.</p>

<p>Would Albany Med look upon it unfavorably if I were to apply to both?</p>


<p>Hi Bshap,
Really, you are not at an advantage if you apply to two programs versus applying only to one. Since the programs have different focuses (Union deals with the business side of medicine and Siena focuses more on the humanities side) we will often see students apply to only one. Also of note, the supplements to Union and Siena are different so don't forget to complete those. Finally, if you are invited to interview at Albany Med during the application process, you must make sure you are knowledgeable about the differences between the programs. </p>

<p>Thanks and good luck!</p>