Apply to LSA or ROSS?

<p>I am thinking about business major and want to apply to UMAA this fall
If one is pretty sure that one's resume isn't good enough
for Ross, can one apply to Ross and get addmission approval for LSA or vice versa?
In other words, is it possible
1) to apply for Ross and get accepted to LSA but not Ross
2) to apply for LSA and get accepted and reapply to Ross (sort of like LSA proof)
I just heard it is a lot harder to get into Ross than LSA
and I really don't know what to do
If i have any wrong info, PLEAES correct meeee </p>

<p>Here's my app if it helps...</p>

<p>SAT 1 1970:CR: 540 M:800 WR:630 (9) (hopefully i can get over 2100 by November)
SAT 2: Math 2C:760 Chem: 700 Korean 800 (99.9999% guarantee)
GPA 95.3/100 UW Class Rank not provided but expecting top 5% (specifically 3%)
Catholic School in Boston with approx 150-170 students in my class
NO AP SCORES before the application, but 4 AP in my senior year(Stat,BC CAL,Chem,Econ)
+7 honors class
Work Experience : 2008 Tokyo BigFoot International Statoinary Exhibition Korean-English Translator (4days)
Service Hours: School Tutor - 60-70 hours
Korean School - 200+hours
other small services-30 hours
Beatbox (6yrs) twice in scholl talent show + Top 16 in Daum Korean Online Beatbox Championship
Math Club 3yrs (OK scores in AMC)
Model UN 1yr
Spoken English 3yrs
Ping Pong 3 yrs
Soccer Varsity Team Manager- 2yrs
Soccer Freshmen Team Assistant Coach-1yr
NHS 3 yrs</p>

<p>You apply to LSA, and Ross preferred admit. Effectively you do apply to both, but you don't start as a freshman in Ross even if you get admitted to Ross. If you get admitted to LSA and not preferred admit to Ross, you can apply again while in LSA. It takes 3 years to get a BBA from the time you start as a student in Ross.</p>