Apply to Universities in Korea

I am an American student in the IB program in my senior year of high school. I currently have a 4.45 Weighted GPA and about a 3.4 Unweighted GPA. The only serious dilemmas in my high school transcripts will be a C+ in Algebra ll freshman year second semester and a C in pre-IB chem in 10th grade second semester. Last year in my first year of IB I kept mostly A’s with a few B’s and B+'s and got 4’s on my math studies and ESS IB scores (in large part to poor IA’s and obviously predicted grades considering we didn’t test). my current SAT is a 1300 from August which must have been a horrible curve considering the amount of people that took it but I take it this weekend as well as next weekend and am confident it will improve. I how only ever taken weighted classes except for the mistake of taking PE in freshman year with straight A’s, B’s, and those two hideous C’s. I have passed 4 of 5 (APUSH, Euro, World, and Lang) of my AP tests through the past 3 years and am enrolled in three this year along with my final 4 IB courses.I plan to apply to many schools here in the US such as UF, Baylor, Penn State, Oregon, etc. However I am also interested in applying to a few schools in South Korea. It isn’t the easiest thing to find exact information on what schools teach what or how much of a major/course in English which has been very confusing to say the least. My love in education lies in science and would prefer to major in Biological Studies. I so far plan to at least apply to KAIST and UNIST, although I completely understand the vigorous selection of both and that KAIST typically wants SAT 2 scores for tests which I haven’t taken (physics, math 2, and a science). I also believe the October SAT date is the last day before the early action process for KAIST which is the most similar to those in the US. Today, September 22, is the last day that I am able to change this test as well. If I apply during normal action, I’m pretty sure the dates don’t align where I wouldn’t know if I had been accepted or not until after I would notify schools where I would want to go here in the US. Therefore, I believe it is pretty risky changing my last SAT oppurtunity before early action to the 3 different SAT 2 tests I’m sure I would do well on, but am not sure I would get perfect scores with this limited of an amount of time to study enough. If anyone has any recommendations, comments, or critisms on where I could apply in Korea or with how I should approach my application process, I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.