Apply to University of Rhode Island?

<p>Just when I thought of was done with apps., I found about URI's 6 year Pharm. D. program. I would love (IF I got in to have this option to consider, but I'm not sure if the app. , etc. could get there by Dec. 15. Additionally, it would cost ~$100 to apply. I have 5 schools, including a safety that I love, but I'm worried if I go the traditional pharmacy route, I won't be up to snuff in college and my future plans will be rendered useless. I would really like to have this option, but I would feel bad imposing such cost on my parents and the rec. form (even though it's a short one) on my GC.</p>

<p>Advice? Sugesstions?</p>


<p>Univ. of Rhode Island gives good merit aid.You never know unless you try.</p>

<p>You could try calling the admission office and try to sweet talk an application fee waiver.</p>

<p>wolfpiper-off the thread, but did you wind up applying to Montana?</p>

<p>As long as you could postmark or get the original part of the app done online by the Dec 15 date I think you would be alright,why not call admissions there and verify.
I think it could be worth your time,D's friend changed her major to pharmacy and changed schools after soph year to take advantage of the 6 year plan (ASU to U of A,she was engineering prior).</p>

<p>I decided to apply and have ordered my ACT scores and transcript. However, I have one small queestion about this: the app states that you should have it sent from the school with the transcript and $50 (!) app fee attached. However, I'm not all to sure if I trust my school with a $650 app fee (They can be a bit, er, unorganized.) Would it be acceptable if I mailed the app myself.</p>

<p>Also, I had the counselor fill out the rec. portion before I filled out the app because I'd knew she'd be in a time crunch and wanted to get it done ASAP (I actually sat down with here when she did it but didn't try to influence her. Will the school accept this or is unacceptable? Unethical?</p>