Applying after getting a green card

I wasn't sure when to post this and this section seemed most appropriate.</p>

<p>I got elected in the DV Lottery for a green card and hopefully I'll get my green card approved. I'm planning to continue my education in the US. So far other than finishing high school with exceptional grades I have a two year degree from I guess you can call it a professional school as Network Engineer (based around Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA exams). I would really like to apply at one of the big universities like MIT, Berkley and Stanford and pursue undergraduate studies in Computer Science since I don't think I can use the two year degree here.</p>

<p>Anyway can anyone walk me through the process and the requirements for applying at those university (with priority towards MIT). Also how could one get a scholarship since there is no way I can afford to pay for the studies (I come from Macedonia).</p>

<p>If there was already a question on the subject I'm really sorry for double posting.</p>

<p>Really hope someone can help me.