Applying as a grade repeat?

<p>What does this mean? Schools actually let you do this? What are the benefits and how does the school view this? Why would you want to do this?</p>

<p>If you haven't already found it, check the Repeat students -- academic "red-shirting" thread under the Prep School Parents forum for a very enlightening discussion of the repeat phenomenon.</p>

<p>Thank you very much!</p>

<p>Some of the girls in my grade are repeats. It's pretty common. The majority seem to have gone to a not-so-wonderful or not-so-challenging school their freshman and sophomore years (or different combinations) and would like the opportunity to get a good experience at a boarding school so they repeat either freshman, sophomore, or junior year to be able to gain more academically or athletically. </p>

<p>It sorta sucks to spend an extra year in highschool, but I would think colleges view it highly because it's done for academic reasons and can be really beneficial.</p>

<p>If you apply as a repeat, does that put you in the same pool as everyone else applying to that grade?</p>