Applying as a Transfer?

I was wondering how difficult it is to transfer into Berea? I was planning on applying this year but the deadline has passed (some websites say April 30th, and I trusted that, but I shouldn’t have. My fault), so now I’m considering trying to transfer after a year of college. I’m doubtful I would’ve gotten in anyway this year (3.5 gpa, 28 act, 30% class rank) but I’m a first generation student with severe financial need and pretty good EC’s, so I’m hoping to use this year in college to strengthen my application.
Is the transfer rate very low? The acceptance rate right now is at 33% which is really intimidating to me. But is it wise to apply as a transfer? Do I even have a shot at getting in now? I’m also curious about when I should apply to transfer too. After one semester, one year, two years? Again I’m first gen so I’m not 100% how this process works.