Applying As Freshman, Though I've Actually Done 1 Year of College

<p>Hello all.</p>

<p>I graduated HS in 2012, and completed my freshman year of college from 2012 to 2013. It was an out of state, private school, and was very expensive. There was no way I could stay there, and I officially withdrew. The problem is, I still owe them thousands of dollars, and they will not grant me my official transcript. Because of this, I can't apply as a transfer student to another school. It may be a while before my mother can pay it off.</p>

<p>I am applying as freshman to a community college on Monday, and I'm just a little nervous. I don't know if I should tell them the truth or if I should lie and tell them that I've never attended college. I'm afraid that if I tell them I've indeed attended college, but don't
have the official transcript, they will not admit me. Can they find out that I'm lying if I do? Likely going to lie, because I HAVE to go to school, and there's no way I'm going to obtain my official transcript right now. Would like some opinion from you guys. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Maybe I'm over thinking this, as it's only a community college, and not a 4 year. But still a little nervous about lying, you know? Thanks again.</p>

<p>Don’t lie.</p>

<p>Are you sure that the community college won’t let you register for classes under these circumstances? Community colleges are generally open admission.</p>

<p>Of course, the transcript and unpaid debt issue will be a problem when you apply to transfer to a selective four year school.</p>

<h2>This is what’s written on the site.</h2>

<p>Transfer Student: This means you have attended a college, university and/or proprietary school since graduating from high school.</p>

<p>Note: This applies even if you have completed only your first year and the institution you have attended is located outside of the United States. Students who have already earned a degree are still considered transfer students. </p>

<p>Required Documents</p>

<pre><code>Official Transcript(s) from all colleges, universities and/or proprietary schools attended


<p>I’m in doodoo. Really regret going to this school. Thanks for the reply, though.</p>



<p>Yes, easily:</p>

<p>[National</a> Student Clearinghouse](<a href=“]National”></p>

<p>Make an appointment with the admissions officers at the community college, and ask if you can enroll for one semester as a non-degree student. If the answer is yes, ask if you can change to degree-seeking status after a semester there when your paperwork is cleared up at your former university and you are able to get your transcript.</p>

<p>Sometimes that is possible. However, if you owe the old place money, you probably should be focused on working and making money so you can get that bill paid off before you start spending money on classes at the community college.</p>

<p>I teach at a CC. Admissions will have seen this before and will be able to advise you better than we can. Trust me; they want you to enroll, and students come to CC’s with way more complications than this. Come clean.</p>

<p>Perhaps taking the year off and working full-time to help pay off the money you owe the other school is the best use of this time. The reality is, you can’t move on with your education without that transcript. You can either spend the year now and it’ll be a blip in your timeline… a little life lesson, or you will have this burden over you and your mothers head for years unable to move forward. Help yourself. Help your mom. Work towards paying this mistake off together and then live your life free and clear of it.</p>

<p>As to the community college, you have to be honest. Go talk to a counselor. Lots and lots of different people take classes at the community college. You may not be able to join a degree program without your prior transcript but there should be no trouble taking a couple classes that fulfill requirements in the mean time.</p>

<p>I’ll just kind of restate what’s been said, and apply it broadly. Don’t ever lie with colleges, it’s just a really bad idea.</p>

<p>Thanks all. I’ll bring my unofficial transcript and try to explain my situation to them. Hopefully it works out.</p>