applying as undeclared affect admission?

<p>I have no idea what I want to major in so I was wondering if applying as undeclared affects admission. I'm applying to UC Davis, Santa Cruz, and Irvine.</p>

<p>I used to wonder too and I got many different answers.</p>

<p>Most people said majors dont affect admission as long as it's in College of Letters and Science but if you apply to Engineering then it's the different stories since they are really impacted.</p>

<p>I just talked to a representative at UCLA and she said undeclared is okay. On its website it specifically says that majors dont affect admission. I mean using my common sense, undeclared can probably get you in more easily than some other hard/impacted majors (but don't trust my word, it's just my own interpretaion)</p>

<p>Some people said that for UCBerk all undergrads come in as undeclared until they fulfill the requirements and then they declare their majors in soph year.</p>

<p>But one of my friends said she is applying to Korean because she knows that the UC has to balance out the applicants, like they can't take 100 for biochem and 1 for Korean or something like that. However I doubt that because biochem is generally the very popular major and I believe that UC should provide more space for this major rather than the unpopular major such as Women Studies or Philosophy.</p>

<p>It depends. I'm pretty sure that those UCs accept you based on your chosen major so applying as undeclared might make them easier to get into. *I'm not 100% sure though. *</p>

<p>What I do know is that when I visited UCSD, the admissions officers stressed multiple times that admission into UCSD is irrelevant of your intended major. This means that even if you get rejected from your choice of major, if you get into UCSD, you'll automatically be admitted as undeclared instead.</p>