Applying ED as an international students

Hi there!
I am an international student from Egypt, and I am considering applying for Carleton as my ED choice in the next cycle. Looking at the international students’ section on the college website, I noticed the college states that they may differ many qualified applicants to the regular pool due to financial aid reasons. They also stated that they give most of their awards to international students in the regular pool.
Is there any international student here who was accepted to Carleton in the early decision pool? What about your stats and financial aid?
Thanks in advance.

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There are very few(probably 5 or less) international students who need aid and apply ED to Carleton. This is because Carleton has a very small amount of money they can allot to International students on financial aid so unless they love an applicant, they will wait to see who they get in the RD pool.

Why are you interested in Carleton ED?

If you need aid it is probably in your best interest to apply somewhere else ED as even if you are a good candidate, they will likely differ you to RD so they can asses how to best distribute their limited amount of International aid.

Hi! a fellow Egyptian here and yeah I kinda have the same issue, since we seek full financial aid, therefore, our options are limited, I wanna apply REA to Stanford so bad but at the same time I’m looking for my safety net, I liked Carleton for several reasons but I didn’t know about the financial aid policy you mentioned so that’s cool to know, after rechecking the website I don’t think Carleton is a good option for ED anymore I think I will go RD for Carleton.

P.S: drop any of your social media handles so we can contact and support each other if you wish of course and have good luck ( Insha’Allah )!

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