Applying ED - Do I Have a Shot?

<p>Hey guys! I want to apply ED this upcoming cycle and I'm looking for a good assessment of my chances were I to do so. This is a repost by the way...I'm seriously considering ED now so I figured I would repost. Quick Summary of App: Good SAT (2340), Decent Grades w/ Tough Courseload, Ok ECs, Ok Awards. Thanks to all replies! </p>


<p>Eth: Asian
Sex: Male
State: NJ
Grade: 11
Major: Thinking of BME. Would be more than happy to attend and take Chemistry or Biology though. Possibly economics minor.
School: Very Competitive (Last year 3 to Princeton, this year 3 to MIT)
Courseload: Counselor will indicate "most rigorous" on app.</p>

<p>Estimated Frosh/Soph/Junior GPA: </p>

<li>UW - 3.83; W - 4.17</li>

<p>Estimated Soph/Junior GPA:</p>

<li>UW - 3.89; W - 4.33</li>


<li>School doesn't rank. Likely somewhere in the top 5% of 700.</li>

<p>AP's (Total of 11):</p>

<li>Physics B (4)</li>
<li>Chemistry (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>Calculus BC (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>English Language and Composition (Taking, Maybe 4-5)</li>
<li>Computer Science A (Taking, Maybe 4-5)</li>
<li>Biology (next year)</li>
<li>Art History (next year, fine art requirement)</li>
<li>Economics (next year)</li>
<li>Statistics (next year)</li>
<li>English Literature (next year)</li>
<li>Computer Science AB (next year)</li>


<p>PSAT: 226
SAT: M - 800; CR - 740; W - 800; T - 2340 (1540)
SAT IIs: Taking: Chem (Expecting Solid 800), Math II (Probably 780-800), and possibly Bio (in October) </p>

Counselor - Awesome: I had an interview with her and she had some flattering comments about my personality.
Teachers - One good from Eng more about personality (not the highest eng grade in class unfortunately, running a high B+/low A- = tough teacher). One hopefully awesome rec from AP Chem teacher.
Supplemental - Either another teacher very familiar with me or JSA advisor (who is very fond of me). Also prof from Rutgers who was my research mentor (which should be awesome).</p>


<p>NJ Science League
- Partipant 10th-11th
- Competitive Testing in Chem I
- Qualifying Test followed by Regional Test each month from Jan. - Apr.
- Qualified last year in Chem I, but not in Chem II this year </p>

<p>NJ Chemistry Olympics
- Competition in chemistry entered in year of AP Chem (11th)
- Club meets every week from Jan. to competition day in May
- Two-person group writing research paper on chemical process</p>

<p>Medical Careers Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Reasonably involved; gonna run for officer</p>

<p>Science Competitor's Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Officer 11th
- Random science competitions.</p>

<p>Junior Statesmen of America
- Member 9th - 11th
- Club Officer 11th (I write our weekly resolutions, occasionally moderate debates, and speak frequently)
- New Jersey Region Cabinet Member 11th (write debates on state level for regional conventions)
- Significant involvement in politics/oratory = my other passion besides science. </p>

<p>March of Dimes
- Member 10th - 11th
- Volunteer hours and fundraising
- Tedious but rewarding process = soliciting funds; selling tickets; organizing large-scale cultural show. </p>

<p>Genetics Research
- Summer of 2007; going back 2008
- 8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk for ~6-8 wks
- Research conducted with drosophila melanogaster; focused on determining the use of RNAi in restricting cancerous overgrowth caused by genetic mutations.
- Personally, this is my favorite activity; I'm in love with research and that's part of the reason I'm considering medicine (and JHU)</p>

- 5 yrs
- Non-competitive</p>

<p>Community Service
- ~ 300 hrs
- Local hospital (oncology), senior center, and March of Dimes</p>

<p>Rec Tennis
- 8 yrs
- 3 hrs on Saturdays
- Summer camp in summer of 2006 and 2005 at local club
- Non-competitive hobby </p>

<p>Robert Wood Johnson Mini-Medical Program
- Participating in a several week long program at RWJ Medical School consisting of seminars to talk w/ doctors, students, etc.
- Semi-Competitive application process (~20% acceptance)</p>

<p>**Trying to start up two new clubs (one national and one state organization) for next year. </p>

<p>Honors, Recognitions, Awards, Programs (Kinda weak right now):</p>

<p>NJ Science League
- Recognition in 10th grade for regional competition
- Didn't qualify for regionals 11th in Chem II; only 4 out of 30-40 students make it and only the best of the best try out. Didn't get a chance to study :(.</p>

<p>National Latin Exam
- Silver Medal in 9th; Gold Medal in 10th; test for 11th in the process of being graded</p>

<p>Commendation from Governor/NJ State Legislature
- For our chapter setting up a March of Dimes fundraiser that raised thousands of $'s.</p>

<p>JSA Best Speaker Awards
- Several in recognition of debate performance.</p>

<p>National Honors Society/National Latin Honors Society
- 11th </p>

<p>Predicted National Merit Semifinalist
- PSAT: 226</p>

- Other Competitions Planned/Participating: AP Scholar of Something, Chemistry Olympics, Siemen's Westinghouse/Intel (with additional research conducted over next summer)</p>

<p>Thanks for reading all of this!</p>

<p>11 APs (WOAH HOLY MACKEREL) lol..... thats ridiculous... and a good GPA maintained... Well clearly your 11 APs makes me scared when im gonna apply to ED JHU as well BME... Man your a good candidate (from what im comparing to previous fall 2007 applicants) your SAT 1 SCORE IS CRAZY lol... thats what im worrying about SAT 1, at least your done with that :(... i say your in lol, hopefully i could say the same for myself... JHU=DREAM SCHOOL, im thinking you feel the same way?</p>

<p>You definitely have a very good chance, and if you weren't applying BME then I would tell you to start packing your bags now. BUT if you do apply BME then I think there is about a 70-80% chance at getting into that program a 99% chance at getting in at the school.</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>Ambitiousteen: Thanks! I'm very glad to have the SATs out of the way for sure. Good luck to you (I assume in May or June?). And yes, a JHU acceptance would be a dream come true! :) I hope we both get in BME! </p>

<p>interelations09: Wow thanks! First and foremost, I want to get into the university, so it's good to know that will happen! After that, I'll cross my fingers for BME, but I plan to come either way (I visited recently and now I'm more infatuated with JHU than ever). I've got to say: I live within 10 minutes of Princeton and I've been there a lot, but somehow the JHU campus seems far more appealing and the people look slightly more lively than those at Pton.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the comments. It's encouraging to know that I have decent chances!</p>

<p>lol im not gonna list my so called "resume" for chancing yet.... lets hope they like a 4.0 gpa 3 trilingual boxer+dj+high school tutor lol... thats all i have to say for now... im studying in canada so APs arent offered at my school and i learned about APs back in january.... and just started studying for them recently</p>

<p>Azn&proud if u got some advice on how u scored that high on SAT 1 mind sharing it with me... thats the only trouble im having... my 4 SAT subjects will be easy... SAT 1 is a totally diff story im taking it in June 7th...</p>

<p>Didn't really do anything that special. Here are a few things that worked for me:</p>

<p>1) On Math - Work backwards so you don't end up rushing the harder q's (rushing the easy ones really isn't a problem as long as you're not being careless).
2) On CR - I just tackle the passage bit by bit and the corresponding problems as I go along.
3) On W - The best advice I can give you is to learn all the possible mistakes the CB can throw at you and practice detecting them.
4) In general: Don't do too many practice tests as in >12 (I think I just did the Blue Book and some individual practice problems). Do not do sections one at a time...take each entire test in one sitting!
5) Make sure you carry your own watch on test day (I used an analog that had a manual timer ring that you spin and align with the current time to avoid the beeping of a digital). Also take Gatorade and some tylenol. Take plenty of candy as well.
6) Above all: Don't stress out. There are certain techniques you can look up to reduce your stress just moments before you begin and even during the test. Think positive! As you finish sections, just don't think about them at all; move on!</p>

<p>Most of this stuff is just standard fare (but it really works). However, when it comes right down to it, only your own knowledge and intellectual merit will guarantee you a top score. Good luck!</p>

<p>Its a test about speed... i would like you to rephrase the idea of "intellectual merit" LOL... to be honest, i guess if you can remember how to do the same question styles over and over again youll be fine... WELL, ill take your advice and put good use to it.... i want a 2300 to support that 4.0 of mine.... thanks man for the advice</p>

<p>by the way, how long did u study for?.... my most recent score is 2100 LOL... i got till june 7th to get a 2300 at least 3 times for me to assure myself ill score real well....</p>

<p>i think you have a pretty good chance</p>

<p>your stats are definitely better than mine, and I got in ED.</p>