Applying ED to one school and EA to other schools?

<p>Is it possible to apply ED to a certain school and EA to multiple other schools?</p>

<p>Depends on the schools.</p>

<p>I want to apply ED to UPenn. I've looked on their website and they only mention that you can not apply ED to other schools, nothing about EA. Does this mean it is okay to apply EA to other schools?</p>

<p>I believe that Penn is one of the schools that allow applicants to apply EA to other schools (but you should still confirm this with them). However, some schools do not want applicants to apply EA to them and to another school ED. So you have to make sure that all parties are fine with it.</p>

<p>Alright, I'll email both schools to make sure they are fine with it. Thank you!</p>

<p>Yeah I'm planning on applying ED to UPenn and EA to UChicago, so I'm kind of in a similar position. I've actually asked this question, and the response is that you can apply ED to UPenn and EA elsewhere, so long as the EA is non-restrictive. If the EA is to Yale or Stanford, than you can't because this is Single Choice Early Action.
Here's the link to the thread:
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<p>I'd double check just in case, but I'm almost positive.</p>