Applying ED

<p>Hello all. Since one must matriculate into a school one applies ED for, and then withdraw all other applications, is it "okay" to not apply to other schools until one get a response from the ED school? Would this bad decision to make? Yea, there are the supplements that must be finished and it is extremely close to the deadline, but in the chance that he or she gets into the initial school, there are no applications that need to be withdrawn. </p>

<p>Thanks for your help, and please post other pros/cons.</p>

<p>I’m sure that’s “okay”, my only advice would be to finish the supplements and such and maybe just wait to pay the application fee until you get your decision. I’m applying ED to a school, but I’m making sure everything for my other schools is done around the same time, because if I get rejected, my heart isn’t going to be in my essays/applications for the schools that I don’t REALLY want to go to.</p>

<p>Just my two cents.</p>