Applying for 2011 awkward situation

<p>Hi everyone, I'm thinking about applying again to some HADES schools this year and I'm in 9th grade. However, last year, (8th grade), I applied to a bunch of schools but didn't get in except for a few. However, I'm at a private school now and its my first year. Is there any problem with applying again to say Andover/Exeter? How do I explain this to the school? Do you think that the teachers will write good recs?</p>

<p>Also, I was wondering if it matters when you turn your application in, so long as its before jan 15. </p>


<p>Hey just wondering if u know what a girl should where for an exeter interview. Mine is tomorow and i bought close but i dont know what they're looking for. sorry about the spelling. im in a rush. thanks.</p>

<p>@handan - I'm sure that if they see this is your second time applying, they'll definitely know you're super interested in their schools! Also, the deadline is the 15th, so they won't begin checking them until then, so no it does not matter as long as you have everything in by the deadline. You can always explain this to the school through the teacher recs, plus it's pretty self-explanatory: you left middle school for a new high school, like DUH! LOL. Hope I helped!</p>

<p>@michaella98 - Please don't threadjack other people's threads. It is very rude and irrelevant to the real topic of this post.</p>


<p>If you're a good student, your teachers will write good recs. Although be prepared to explain to them why you're interested in switching. It's a delicate dance because you don't want them to feel slighted and because you want to maintain good relationships in the event you aren't offered an admissions spot elsewhere. You can, on some occasions, submit recommendations to supplement your application from a prior teacher.</p>

<p>For the most part - there's no getting around the awkward position of telling your new school you're looking for a new date to the prom. Just do your best.</p>