Applying for a private high school....

<p>Hi guys! </p>

<p>I'm currently a sophomore in a public high school. I have applied as a Junior for the following schools: Blair Academy, The Hun School of Princeton, Peddie School, and St. Andrew's (in DE). This is my third year applying for a private high school, and I just wanted to know what my chances are in your opinions. Btw, I'm also applying for financial aid, too.</p>

<li>I got a 74 percentile on the SSAT; I know, it's pretty low.</li>
<li>I've been taking honors courses for the past two years of high school
-9th grade: Biology Honors (A average), English I Honors (B average), Geometry
Honors (B average), World History Honors (A average), Spanish I (97 average)
-10th grade: Chemistry Lab Honors (A average- highest score in class), English II
Honors (A average), Algebra II Honors (A average), US History I Honors (High B
average), Spanish 2 (99 average). My current GPA is 4.3</li>
<li>I'm taking guitar classes and choir after school. I also do community service.</li>
<li>I'm not really a sports person; I don't know if that would be bad.</li>
<li>I'm Turkish, I moved to NJ 6 years ago. I don't know if me being bilingual would help at all...?</li>

<p>That's it. I hope I didn't bore anyone with this huge info/question thing. I would love to hear your opinions. Thank you :)</p>

<p>You have an impressive list of honors courses with great grades and your SSAT scores are above the average of Blair and Peddie. (Both have an average of 70% and I don't know about the others). Schools like diversity and being Turkish will help. You should take prep school as an opportunity to try a new sport and tell them that you will. Like I don't play an instrument, but I cannot wait to try. Keep a positive attitude. You have a lot to be proud of academically and with other aspects. If you do not get in, it will probably not be the SSAT scores.</p>