Applying for film schools (even NYU Tisch) with no experience - help

<p>Ok, so let me explain myself briefly. I've only recently developed my interest for film / production, but it's not like it came out of nowhere. I was always interested in storytelling, but I'd originally planned to just write. I wish I had discovered my interest in using film as a medium to express my creativity earlier, but sadly, it just didn't happen and I can't go back in time and tell my past self what to do.</p>

<p>As a result, I haven't exactly had any prior experience with creating films. I've dabbled in classes like broadcasting and theater in high school, as well as stage crew and other theater related extracurriculars, but nothing really impressive.</p>

<p>When applying to schools like NYU, for example, and it asks for a creative resume... I feel like I don't have enough to put on there. I wrote a lot of short stories, especially in my sophomore year, but have since wiped my computer and most of them are lost now... Kind of wish I would have thought ahead. Would I still be able to include them in the resume, or no? Do any extracurriculars go, or only those that are creative/related to film? Should I include classes I took that are somewhat related to film, or even some that aren't but are still somewhat creative (like choir, for example)? At the moment, I mostly have a lot of theater stuff on there. I think besides the resume, I am capable of creating a great portfolio. </p>

<p>Any help? Not just for NYU, really, but for any film schools that require a portfolio to apply. I'd like some advice or input. Thank you so much!</p>

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A short story or written script is one of the creative options. No need to submit an actual film.</p>

<p>I can’t speak for NYU. I cannot recall any of the university film schools expect you to have a portfolio. In fact, I once noted on the USC forum a parents account from talking to other film school parents noting that none of their siblings had any production experience. These parents came to the conclusion that USC doesn’t want someone with experience, rather they want students who are clean slates that they can shape and mold. My own opinion from looking at other schools is that this is a common theme.</p>

<p>However, I’ve never focused on the pure film schools.</p>

<p>I believe your questions was what to put on your Creative Resume, which is Part 1 of 5 of the NYU requirements:
“Part 1. A one-page resume that highlights creative work accomplished, activities and/or relevant employment. Your resume must also include: Your full name, home address, date of birth, the name of your high school and any extra curricular activities or work in your community”</p>

<p>My D is currently in the NYU program and she listed her film experience along with her extra curricular activities, especially those that showed a “creative” side like music and theater and her interest in film, like a high school Film Club, but she also listed her other extra curricular activities that had nothing to do with film. They just want to know what you’ve been doing. Your other activities could be things you draw upon for an example of your “Leadership and Collaboration Anecdote” which is Part 2. As stated above by Deuga7, you don’t necessarily have to have film production experience. Although my D had some film experience, it wasn’t extensive.</p>

<p>For this part of application I would just focus on the creative experience you do have with chorus and theater and then you can WOW them with the rest of your submission in your Personal Story, Creative Submission, etc.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>