Applying for housing and beyond confused.

<p>I have a silly question about a housing application and to say I am confused would be an understatement. I was accepted into college for the fall semester but when applying for housing there was a box to select the semesters for which you will need housing. There were only two options:
"Fall 2014 and Spring 2015" and " Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 " If I select the " Fall 2014 and Spring 2015" option, does that mean I'll be paying for housing during the spring semester which I am not attending or do fall semester admits also attend class during spring. As you can probably tell I am very confused. I hope I'm not confusing anybody with my questions. Rates for the cheapest dorm are $2470.00 per academic year and both Spring and Fall rates are listed (both of which are the same $2470.00 price) and I would rather avoid making a mistake of paying for a dorm for a semester I'm not attending. </p>

<p>What led me to this confusion was a chart further into the Housing Agreement page that listen cancellation fees. The chart mentioned "one semester: Fall 2014 only agreements" as well as "two semester: fall 2014-spring 2015 agreements"
Because I didn't see an option for only fall 2014 housing in the check box that I previously mentioned I am very confused. I don't want to waste $250 paying for a housing application that I did wrong and I don't want to rent a dorm for another semester if I make a mistake. I'll try to reiterate to avoid confusing you all with my confusion: I'm only attending the university for the fall 2014 semester. I'm not sure if the fall 2014 semester overlaps into spring which is why the housing option is "fall 2014-spring 2015" or if there is no housing available for one semester only and I would need to pay for two semesters to have a dorm? I think I'm just being very pedantic, but I would rather not make an expensive mistake. Does one academic year consist of a fall AND spring semester, which may be why I am confused? I am under the impression that (for the most part) you just attend one semester an academic year. Is it like high school where you attend two semesters per academic year? I feel like I am supposed to have known the answers to some of these questions before I applied to college :)) </p>

<p>Sorry for my terrible writing, I am stressed out and haven't had time to do anything remotely fun in the past 3 months because my privileges were revoked for a bad grade I got and now I feel burnt out! That along with the typical stresses of senior year have made me apathetic towards good writing. 8-} @-) </p>

<p>Does one academic year consist of a fall AND spring semester?
Is it like high school where you attend two semesters per academic year?

<p>yes, you should check “Fall and Spring” (you take 5 classes in the Fall, 5 classes in the Spring).</p>

<p>You can also stay on campus and take classes during the summer. If you choose to do that, you need to check “Fall, Spring, and Summer”. </p>

<p>Whereas you need 15-16 credits in the Fall and 15-16 credits in the Spring to be “on time” for graduation, you don’t have to take classes in the Summer.
Most students do internships or work during the summer. But you could take classes to accelerate your degree and graduate earlier, or catch up on remedial courses, etc. Summer Term costs extra (both for tuition and housing).</p>