Applying for Housing

<p>I will be applying to FSU in the coming weeks (early application date) and I just wanted to know if I have to send in my admissions deposit ($200) to apply for housing. I want to get into the honors housing, Landis Hall, and want to make sure that I get in by applying for housing early. Another question: if im accepted, will fsu tell me how much I will get in financial aid from them when they send me their decision or will I have to wait until i can fill out the fafsa in january? thanks</p>

<p>They won't give you any aid information (except for Bright Futures and private scholarships) until you fill out the FAFSA.</p>

<p>The answer to your first question is no. You do not need to pay the admissions deposit to sign up for housing. That said, you do have to pay a $250 deposit to sign up for housing for Fall/Spring to keep your priority number. You can do this the minute you are accepted (as you should) if you intend to go to FSU. If you end up not going to FSU, all but $50 is refundable.</p>

<p>Yes, unless something changes in their housing policy, the hour that you find out your acceptance you follow the directions to sign up for housing AND you pay the housing deposit. If you are 17 at the time, you must then print out the housing agreement AND have a parent sign it and then fax it or mail it within 10 days. If you forget to do this, you loose your number and have to start over. Many go to the housing portal to see if they can sign on right at midnight and sign up for housing BEFORE they check for their acceptance. If you are accepted you can automatically sign up for housing. So some check their housing sign on first.</p>

<p>it's well worth staying up late so you can sign on to housing as soon as it's available--midnight. you'd be surprised how high the numbers get by the following day. If you have any thoughts that you might want to go to FSU--get the number, pay the deposit. If you change your mind later you'll only be out $50, but if you get a bad priority number by waiting, it stays with you throughout your time at the school.</p>