Applying for M.S and PhD after M.S

<p>I am an undergraduate student and I intend to apply for a PhD in a top University in U.S. My G.P.A is low( not very low but just not enough to get into the universities I would like to do a PhD from). I was planning to apply for M.S in a decent university.. probably from U.K as Maters is structured for a period of an year in U.K and then reapply to one of the top 10 universities in U.S. I would be willing to pursue a 5 Year PhD (with integrated Masters) after my Masters in U.K. Does a low G.P.A in my under grad studies still be a matter of concern then or would my admission be based on my performance in my Masters. I guess there would not be much of a research component in the study as it is only for a period of 1 year. How ever as universities do consider admission for MS+PhD after B.S, I was wondering if this could be a feasible option.</p>