Applying for Medicine as an Engg major

<p>I am considering Computer Engg (ECE) at ucsd. My primary interest is to go in engg, (in future) business or law. If I want to keep the option open of switching to medicine, how should I plan. Is it even possible?</p>

<p>just take the premed requirements and MCAT on top of everything for your major.</p>

<p>Thanks, astrina. </p>

<p>I will be in Marshall college. The way I see it is basic math, physics and chemistry should be covered as part of engg. That leaves only bio. That should not be difficult to catch up on in some ge requirements. Am I missing something? </p>

<p>Now it is possible that actual pool of applicants for medical colleges have gone way beyond the basics. But in terms of mcat preparation, on paper it looks like an engg major should be as good as any.</p>

<p>you might want to consider ChemE, a lot of the prereqs overlap each other.</p>

<p>I see. Is chemE part of nano engineering? What about structural engg? Do the courses overlap with that too. One reason I am going for engg as opposed to pre-med route is to insure against the possibility that (i) I may not want to go into medicine,and/or (ii) may not be able to get in there. I have not thought about being a chemical engineer. I am comfortable being a computer or civil engineer.</p>

<p>Yes, ChemE is under the nanoE department. I cannot comment on the other engineering disciplines, but I would think no. ChemE and BioE are your best bet because they both require 1yr of Chem, >1yr of Advanced Chem, where you can have Ochem satisfy the requirement, and of course 1yr of physics. All you would need is bio.</p>

<p>Of course, If you like CompE or Structural then go for it. It will just take you a little bit longer to graduate.</p>