Applying for multiple majors in one UC

Hi everyone! I am majoring in Architecture in my community college and have been planning to transfer to UC with the same major. However, I was also looking into Urban Studies major in UCB (part of Environmental Design school as well), for which I took economics and business statistics classes. Now I’ll be graduating my CC with two Associates degrees in Architecture and Economics, and ended up completing transfer requirements for 3 majors - Architecture, Urban Studies and Economics. Does anyone know if I can apply for all those majors in my transferring application? Is there a chance that I can apply separately for each? Thank you!

UCB does not consider alternate majors for Transfer students. You need to select one major. You can check the link for other UC campuses.

See page 45.

@Gumbymom Thank you for the answer! Just to clarify - I am not planning to keep two majors in the university, I was just thinking to proceed with the one I will be accepted for. I thought that if they are taught by different schools within one UC, I might be able to submit two applications.

No you cannot submit 2 applications.

You can only apply to one major.

@mimininja: A friend of mine who transferred from CC 18+ years ago declared a total of three majors (i.e., Math, Physics, and Astronomy) AFTER he got in to UCB as a Junior. By the time he graduated with triple majors, he’s also accepted to Ph.D programs from MIT (Physics) and UChicago (Math) but chose to enroll in Stanford Math Ph.D program.

He declared them AFTER he transferred. You can only choose one in the application.

Exactly, @Ohm888

Such snarkiness. Uncalled for!

@CalCUStanford - Your info. is very helpful. Future students will benefit from your additional knowledge you brought to the table about declaring multiple majors after transferring.

Even though you made it clear you were referring to “after” transfer since you put it in bold & used all caps. Thank you!