Applying for scholarships within your major/department?

<p>Seeing as I have no scholarships or grants I decided to check out any scholarships available within my department/major School of Communications/journalism major and most of them are for juniors or seniors(in college) but I decided to apply anyways. However, when I clicked to apply I got a message saying that I could not apply at this time because I am not currently enrolled.
Is this because I'm an incoming freshman and those who are eligible need to be actual students taking classes at this time? Or is it because I haven't payed my enrollment deposit yet? (I'm going to pay it this weekend, I've just been busy with applying for outside scholarships in light of my current fin aid status)
Also, has anyone applied to a scholarship within their major (any major or dept. not just mine) and won it? I'm wondering how competitive it is. I estimate on a scale of 1-10 a 10.
By the way if anyone wants to mention it yeah I know I'm a stupid idiot for only thinking of applying for scholarships within my dept. now. I am currently/did apply for a bunch of outside scholarships but who knows if I'll receive them, I thought I'd get some from UT and got nothing so I don't really know how those will turn out.</p>

<p>Most, if not all, scholarships offered by departments and colleges are for students who are entering sophomore year or later, not for entering freshmen. The only major scholarships offered for freshmen are the Texas Exes scholarships.</p>

<p>A few colleges, particularly Engineering and Geosciences, do offer scholarships to freshmen, but most don't.</p>