Applying for the second time, so how does it work?

I have question due to my application. I have already applied to NYU for the second time. Last year I submitted my CSS/FA profile, because I hoped for some financial aid. I was unfortunately rejected anyways from my admission. This year I have applied again and this time I DO NOT WANT to submit this FA profile; I do not want to ask this university for any financial help. Thus, should I tell them about it? I am not sure if this Financial Aid “application” is valid also for the second time applying, or just for the first time and for now I would have to submit another one. What should I do? I am not very on topic of how does it work…

Thank you for help. :slight_smile:

If you are applying for admission for,the 2016-2017 school year, you would need to do THAT financial aid application.

So…if you didn’t submit that one…and you want to apply, you have to,do,the 2016-2017 FAFSA and Profile forms.

Otherwise, you will be paying over $70,000 per year, out of pocket, because that is what NYU coat of attendance is this year.

What has happened in the last year that makes you a better candidate for a college that has already rejected you?

What makes you not need to apply for aid this year?

If you are thinking not applying for aid will be a tip for admissions…don’t.

@blossom tons of great ECs done during my gap year, better sat score and essays, recommendation letters and so on. my previous application was very poorly made.

@thumper1 honestly, I thought about it for a moment, but that is not the main issue. I am an international student and sice people such as me do not get as big scholarships as they need, that application for financial aid will not be helpful for me. there are plenty of organizations in my country and in the USA that may help me to pay for the tuition in case when being admitted. thus I do not count on NYU’s help, because either I will get none or that help will not change a thing. and - basically - yeah, they like people who do not ask for financial help, you can really guess it.

honestly, i do not know what should I do. If I could get any scholarship, how big it might be?

If you don’t already have scholarships in hand, don’t apply without FA. You just aren’t going to scratch up that quarter of a million dollars somewhere. NYU probably isn’t affordable for you. It isn’t affordable for most US students, either.

@intparent you are totally right, but, let me ask you for advice. few months ago I went for a meeting with a person from a certain organization that helps people from my country to make college applications to USA. and I have mentioned that I will be applying to NYU again. she said that mostly I will get no help from them and in case of being admitted, then I should come back and she will help me find some organizations that will help me to pay for this attendance - and I just should not start looking for financial aid when yet not admitted. thus I do not know where I might get better help…

How much can your parents pay each year for four years for college?

How much do your parents earn each year in USD?

I think they would assume you would apply for aid from NYU, and maybe they could help if there is a gap. You could also apply to less expensive schools… there are LOTS of them.

@Madison85 my both parents earn each year something around 80-90k dollars and they said thay they could give me 40-45k per each year for NYU… and NYU costs 70k for now I guess? I need this financial help, but I am an international student :frowning:

You need to find some less expensive options both in the US and in your own country. Unless the woman you met has a check in hand for you, you are going to get stuck with a huge gap (not just tuition- but travel) and no way to pay it. Why get admitted to NYU only to have to turn them down because you can’t afford it?

They each earn $80k-$90k per year? So $160k-$180k per year.

Generally families pay for college from past savings, current earnings and future earnings (by taking loans).

Have you applied to any financial safeties in your country or other countries?

@Madison85 no, I am sorry - they together make 80-90k dollars per year. but the problem is that my father is going to be retired soon and my mother sooner as well, so they will only have savings. and even based on those savings, I need a financial help because they cannot spend all for my education… my parents are self-hired and they do not have constantly the same amount of money that they earn. the person who I met said that if I get admitted to NYU, then I should look for some organizations and she assured me that there are a tons of them to look for and I will definitely find good ones. I do not know what to think about it. I apply to other universities for which I do not need financial aid. But for NYU, my parents can give me 45k dollars per each year in NYU, so I lack in the rest of the money. Or they could give me, of course, 70k per each year but that is a crap and then i would not have money to graduate from this school. I think there are people whose parents together (summing up) earn 40k dollars per year and their children go to NYU. how do they do it?

Last year the costs of NYU were around 60k dollars per year and my currency was 1 USD = 3PLN.
This year, NYU costs like 70k dollars and my currency dropped to 1 USD = 4 PLN. thus it came out that now I kind of do not have as much money to spend, because every dollar now I have to multiply by 4, not by 3.

@blossom so yeah, but a person from my country, their parents earn 60k dollars per year together (not each) and she got into NYU, also receiving a scholarship of 15k dollars. just how? her parents got retired and they do not have much of savings + (I do not know if it matters - her stats etc. were a lower reach for NYU). Just how?

Certainly there are ‘some organizations’ and there are ‘tons of them to look for’ and you probably will ‘find good ones’ but none of that means for sure that you have any chance of receiving even a single dollar from tons of good organizations.

Is this person you met with giving you this bad advice getting some sort of fee from your family?

@Madison85 she will get one when she will be asked for help, in the moment when we will ask her to look for those organizations. yet she received no fee and I met her 3 times and she just gave me this advice and that’s it

I can’t understand what you said "she will get one when she will be asked for help’.

What does THIS mean?

NYU will require you to complete a certificate of finances that shows that you have enough funds available to pay for ALL FOUR YEARS of college at NYU. So you will have to show that you have $280,000 available to fund your college costs. Does your family have $280,000 in some account. This can include approved loans and any aid NYU gives you.

But without that completed certification of finances…you won’t get a visa to study at NYU.

@Madison85 @thumper1 OK so now I totally got it. before I meant that she gets no money from my family for advising me, but when I will ask her to look for those organizations that will help me to pay for tuition, then i will have to pay her for that. she is from an organization that only helps students with their applications.

If I would get admitted, then I would apply for some financial aid in my country. (she said that it works this way that first I have to be admitted) My parents have that much money, but this is basically almost everything they have so I would love to get financial help to pay for this university… :frowning: My parents said that they can give me 50k dollars per year, so I have 200k that THEY ALLOW ME TO SPEND, but they want me to get some scholarship or financial aid to not spend all money for my education… so that means that maybe I should find another college or not apply for this financial aid?

Sorry for taking that much of your time, but I think that I am so retarded in this topic and I would be thankful for your advices…