Applying from California?

<p>Hi everyone!! I am fairly new to this site and would like to ask few questions about the school.</p>

<p>How is the student body like at GAC?
Do you know anything about the Math major at GAC?
What about the minorities? (Blacks, Hispanic, and Asian) Do they hang out by themselves or what? </p>

<p>Last but not least, WEATHER! I know but here at Cali we have good weather if not the best! Always sunny, warm, and sometimes windy. How cold can it get at Minnesota? I heard a friend of mine told me the snow can get up to waist? I also check the weather at St. Peter recently, and it usually below freezing point at night?? Like 20F? D:</p>

<p>Thanks, and hopefully see you guys soon!</p>


<p>Teemo – First of all, I’m a parent. My son will be visiting GAC this spring. I’m very excited about it for a number of reasons.</p>

<p>Review after review from (on other sites) state that the students are incredibly happy with GAC. They mention great academics, fun, friendly & welcoming students, great food, great study abroad programs, etc. I’ve probably read about 90% of the top schools in the U.S. and GAC stands out as one of a few that I think my son will be happiest at. He’s a top student but pretty laid back. Also GAC is known for great financial aid.</p>

<p>As far as the weather goes, it could be a shock for you. We live just a couple of hours south of St. Peter. In a couple weeks or maybe sooner, it will start to get a lot colder. Down into the 20s, give or take. Then in January it will get very cold. During the day into single digits or teens and even some days below zero. And it will definitely snow. Some years more than others. Last year was bad. By the end of Feb. it will slowly start to warm up. But oddly enough, that’s what people around here like. The drama of the four seasons, especially the winter, makes life interesting.</p>

<p>As for your questions about minorities – not sure about this – maybe 10 to 15 percent.</p>