Applying Late: An Adult's Concern

<p>My applicant was lucky enough to have acceptances from which to choose. I have seen several students here who are not so lucky, and are showing a lot of drive and determination by wanting to apply late to schools. This is an admirable trait, and I think that schools will take it into consideration.</p>

<p>My concern is that I see some students who are planning to apply late to schools that have a low acceptance rate (< 50% or lower). I was under the impression that applying late to schools was even harder than being in the regular applicant pool. Are late applicants competing against those already on the waitlist? Can some parent/students who applied late in the past relate their experiences? How many students get in late?</p>

<p>I do wish everyone the best of luck! I just hope that you have as much information as possible during the late application process.</p>

<p>you share the same concerns that I do -- late applicants are even more unlikely to get acceptances than those on the waitlist unless they are a special candidate.</p>

<p>From talking with admission's officers and parents, I have concluded that late applicants to schools with acceptance rates of 50% or lower are very unlikely to gain an acceptance except for these conditions: recruited athlete, full-pay student, URM with high stats, unusual connection (I am talking son of the US President, not "I know a board member" type connection), exceptionally high stats/recs/ECs (and I mean 99% ssat, 4.0, student council president, national awards, fantastic teacher recs)</p>

<p>this is not what students are told when they call the admission's office -- but then again, the office has their own agenda. They are happy to take your $50 and tell you no, thus making their acceptance rate look even more selective. </p>

<p>I have never heard of a late applicant being accepted by a school with a lower admission rate unless they fell into one of those categories. </p>

<p>Financial aid is yet another variable -- yes, FA does become available as those who were offered FA decline. However, that FA is going to be awarded first to those who were waitlisted with no or small FA amounts and second to those who fall into the categories I mentioned before: recruited athlete, high stats URM, connections, exceptional stats.</p>

<p>I think we have quite a few kids who are unwilling to face reality. It is their choice, but I think looking at the situation more realistically and deciding how to proceed would certainly be more beneficial.</p>

<p>From the past two years, I personally know of four kids who were admitted late. All were full pay, 2 were recruited athletes, one had exceptional stats and one was a solid match for a school with a 60% admission rate and her mother was best friends with the head of school. None of the students were international.</p>