applying late for housing

<p>i've gotten some responses on other threads, but im still very paranoid. I know it's not extremely late to have applied for housing but what are my chances of getting a dorm on the main campus if i applied January 21st.
these were my choices
1. baker 2. libby 3. cheyenne 4. willard hall 5. smith 6. farrand</p>

<p>id perfer to be on the main campus but i wouldnt mind kittredge either. What do you think my chances are at my top picks and avoiding will vill. (i know they say not to mark of williams right away but its just soo far away)</p>

<p>I think you're absolutely fine. My daughter applied later than that last year (I think it was early March) and got Baker which was her first choice. Her boyfriend lives in Will Vill, which is not too bad, but I agree that living on main campus is preferable. She thought about trying to get an apartment next year, but instead went for a single in Libby.</p>

<p>You will get Baker if you haven't been notified already. After March 15 is when it starts to get iffy to get a main campus dorm.</p>