Applying next year

Hello everybody,

Firstly, I’d like to thank absolutely everyone, especially the parents on here, who helped me with my application this year, from my first chance me (I know) to my interviews and beyond. Unfortunately, my parents have decided that I can no longer submit my application this year. I’m obviously really let down, because I had done everything, worked very hard, written all my essays, etc, but this is the reality I’m in now, and although my “mourning process” will last past M10, I’m now focused on, this time with more time and knowledge about the process, becoming the best possible candidate I can for next year’s application cycle, when I will apply to 10th grade.

Next year, I’ll apply to Andover (n°1 choice), SPS, Choate, Hotchkiss, and PEA. My SSAT this year was 89% but I had about two weeks to just self study by myself, and as a first time test taker this was not ideal, given the time I have now to prepare I’ll hopefully end up with a 99%.

Just out of curiosity, how does the SAT compare to the SSAT in terms of difficulty? I’m just wondering.

Improvements I can think of are that I’ll be entering an accelerated maths program at my school, will be president of a few clubs I’ve been in for a while, might enter a pre-professional music program at my conservatory (highest level offered in Switzerland).

I’m really interested in a summer university program, such as Cambridge Center for International Research Future Scholar (not sure if I’m eligible as an 8th grader), Case Western Reserve Pre-College program, Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer, University of Maryland Terp Scholar, Columbia Online Immersion, etc. I’m sorry about the list, those are just the ones I’ve been looking into : )

Does anyone have other ideas/summer programs/thoughts? I realize it’s difficult to glean much without context, so please pm me if you’re willing to advise me on this, I don’t want to post a super long “these are my stats” thread!

Thank you so much!

89% is a great score, really! I would guess you would also have a very competitive SAT score, but they are not easily compared side by side.
I’m sorry your parents are not on board…is this a definite? What I can say about next year is that schools want to make sure the parents are also wanting boarding school for their kids, so I wouldn’t make any essays about “last year my parents decided last minute I couldn’t go”. They don’t want to deal with parents who might cause issues or kids that may be pulled out.


Sorry to hear about the change in plans!

If you can apply and get in the Hopkins CTY summer programs have a very good reputation in DC. I checked CTY against the Ivy league summer program at for instance Brown and just thought it was much stronger.

My child really enjoyed the Andover E-Summer program during the first summer of Covid. The high level of instruction within the program was one reason he became interested in boarding school for high school.