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I was applying for fall 2022 and the applications are due end of this month. I was looking at this page and it says the following:

I only did one year (freshman) of 4-year college when I attended UCI over 6 years and dropped out. I did 31 credits total in quarter system of that year. Since then, I have accumulated over 100+ credits (semester system) at my local community college. Question is, do I apply as junior or senior level?

The maximum credits you can transfer is 70 semester units/105 quarter units from a CC, the rest of the units will be given subject credit. According to the UC link, UC units are added to the maximum CC transfer units.

See page 35-36 on the link on how this is calculated and which campuses will be excluded from you applying due to the transfer limits.

Sorry if I’m mistaken, but since CC coursework is considered all lower-division, doesn’t that fall under junior level? Senior level requires at least some upper division coursework, no?

Edited: I would check with a UC transfer advisor since the UCI units are also lower division but according to the link I gave you, they are added to the CC maximum units???

I only did like one year at UCI which was my freshman year. I took intro classes of programming, some related computer science classes, math, history and English.So I should apply as junior-level transfer correct? I understand credits max out at 70 semester credits.

Sorry if I’m mistaken, but since CC coursework is considered all lower-division, doesn’t that fall under junior level? Senior level requires at least some upper division coursework, no?

No. Class level is based solely on the number of units, so you can reach senior level units with only lower-division classes. See for example Class Levels and Upper Division Standing (Undergraduates)

Regarding your total units you should verify what I say with a counselor at your CC, a UC counselor when they visit your CC, call or submit a question online to a UC admissions office. But the way I see it is this: you get 105 transferable quarter units from units earned at your CC. Added to this as per the UC instructions below are the 31 quarter units from UCI. The grand total is 136, making you a senior level transfer.

From the pdf @Gumbymom linked to above

Students will be granted up to 70 semester (105 quarter) units for freshman/sophomore coursework completed at any institution or combination of institutions; this limitation does not apply to units earned at UC.

Units earned at any UC campus (extension, summer, cross/concurrent and regular academic-year enrollment) are not included in the limitation but are added to the maximum transfer credit allowed and may put applicants at risk of being denied admission due to excessive units.

So in my original answer, I had it right that you add the UCI lower division units of 31 to the maximum CC transferable units of 105. I was second guessing myself when OP stated that the UCI units were lower division also. I agree OP should check with the UC transfer advisor to confirm.

The OP should be sure to review the information about admission for high-unit juniors and seniors on

This is a situation where it’s a good idea to be talking to UC admission officers about the best way to go rather than trying to do it at home just following the general instructions for applicants. Maybe there are some special rules that apply not listed in the admissions brochure, maybe the OP can retroactively withdraw from a UCI class to lower the unit count, etc. UC deans have a great deal of latitude and authority so it may be worth talking to the undergrad advisor for your major at the UCs you are considering. It may be a longshot but you’ll never know without trying.

Also the OP should think about returning to UCI as an option. This may fall under readmission rules instead of transferring. Deadlines are quickly approaching so if this is something the OP would consider they should reach out to UCI admissions right away.

The CSU system is another option and I think they look at the transferable unit counts differently. So don’t let those deadlines slide by, especially if there is a CSU for which you are in the local service area.

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Okay thank you guys so much for the advice. I guess I’ll have to try to get readmitted to UCI since I can’t apply to UCLA with my senior standing. Adding the maximum 105 quarter units from CC and 31 units completed (30 units passed) puts me there over the line unfortunately.

One other consideration occurred to me. Did you leave UCI in what UCs call good standing? If not then the only UC you’d be eligible to apply to is your last UC of attendance.

Students who were previously enrolled at a UC campus and want to transfer to a different UC campus must be in good academic standing (last term and/or cumulative UC GPA of 2.0 or above) at their prior UC campus to be considered for transfer admission, even if that UC campus is not their last school of attendance.

Students who left a UC campus on academic probation or not in good academic standing (last term and/or a cumulative UC GPA below 2.0) and wish to return to the same UC campus must contact an adviser in the school/college in which they were previously enrolled at UC for guidance on any requirements for readmission.


Also be sure to note that readmission process is not the same as as applying as a transfer. UC says

Students should not submit a UC application for admission; instead they must file an application for readmission with the Registrar’s Office at their former UC campus