Applying Past The Deadline

<p>Hi so I just finished my UMD application and I'm just waiting for the teacher and guidance recommendations. I'm wondering if I still have a chance on getting accepted since I applied so late. My brother goes there is that helps, and I put biology as my first major. Do you think I'll still have a chance even though the regular decision deadline was January 20th??</p>

<p>To be blunt, no. Deadlines are called so for a reason. Its also been nearly three weeks since that deadline past. Unless you had some extraordinary emergency, your application most likely wont even be considered.</p>

<p>You might as well try, I mean the major parts of the application are the actual online application, the SAT/ACT scores, and transcripts. So, I say, if you already have the other components submitted, just submit the recommendations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make sure that you still have them considered as part of your application. If it makes you feel any better, I submitted my SAT scores a week and half late and still got accepted.</p>

<p>It's only been 2 weeks! lol But yeah they said it's rolling admission on availability basis. I know it's bad to applying past the deadline but hopefully I'll get accepted.</p>

<p>It does indeed say this:

Regular Application Date</p>

<p>January 20:
Students who complete their applications by this date will be mailed a decision letter no later than April 1. Applications received after January 20 will be reviewed on a rolling, space-available basis.


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<p>But since most of the spaces in the entering class go to students who apply by the priority deadline of November 1, and then there were more people who met the January 20 deadline, I wouldn't be very hopeful about space being available.</p>

<p>Bad news, I know. Sorry.</p>