Applying question

<p>Hi guys,
I am intl student and I am applying to the universities with the best math department(MIT, Princeton, Columbia, etc). I think i have a good chances judging by my math experience. But i failed my SAT subject math 2 (650) for 2 reasons: our school does not use testing system to measure our knowledge(i think my EC will mention this), and that was first time i had taken SAT. So now i have 2 opportunities.
(A) First one is to master my SAT subject and take it on January testing date and to apply just to MIT.
(B) Second one is to take SAT on January and to apply to all universities from my list. But i think i won't get high on SAT(i guess smthing around 1800-1900)
So a few questions to you. Are the any SAT optional universities for intl students that provide fin aid except of MIT. And opportunity is better from your point of view A or B?
Waiting for you responses.</p>

<p>There are many SAT optional schools, but not many of them are regarded as "top tier" schools. A quick google search would probably show you them.</p>