Applying RD! Chances?

<p>Asian from So. Cal in a large public school (4000+)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.65 uw (school doesn't rank/weigh GPAs)
SATs: 2080 (M:670; CR:660; W:750)
highest combined subsections: 2100
SAT IIs: Lit: 670 Bio: 690
APs taken/taking: AP Bio, US Hist, Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Calc AB (6 total)
Recs: Hopefully great! The teachers writing mines are my close friends.
Interview: Next week! Extremely nervous
Special Circumstance: Extremely low income. Mother is single and working and sister is supporting herself through expensive private art school.</p>

- Marching Band: 3 years. Played tuba and bass clarinet
- Concert Band: 4 years
- Speech and Debate Team: 2 years varsity member
- FBLA: 3 years. Officer for all 3
- Senior Men and Women: School's official service club. Only 20 senior women are chosen to join. Also an officer.
- Young Democrats of America: 2 years. Secretary
- Book Club: founder and president (just a fun thing I wanted to do)</p>

- California Scholarship Federation
- National Honor Society
- National Forensics League: Honors
- Numerous Speech and Debate Awards. Competed at State Level for speech.
- Marching Band is number one in southern california
- principal's honor roll, etc.</p>

<p>Major: Undecided but I'm thinking about becoming a teacher... not too sure.
Essay: Awesome! The people who have read it really like it.</p>

<p>Oh and I have 200+ volunteer hours</p>

<p>I'd say you've got a pretty good shot at admission. I had silmilar stats, and got in RD (from NY). Just make sure you show interest in your application. Other than that, I think you're set.</p>