Applying Spring vs. Fall Transfer

Hello, I’m really torn as to whether I should apply for Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 admission. I would like some perspective on which might be better. I’m currently a sophomore and I am concerned about financial aid. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!

hi! i’m in the same boat as you, currently a 2nd sem freshman and also don’t know when to transfer (next year)! from what ive researched, spring admissions for colleges tend to have less applicants, thus a smaller amount of people accepted.

what colleges are you looking into?

@transferx I’m looking into BU, BC, and Northeastern, how about you? I’m concerned about the smaller acceptance rates, but financial aid is a huge deciding factor for me and I have no idea if more aid is given for fall or spring.

those are some really good colleges!! i was also looking into BU (the only non LAC on my list besides rutgers and W&M haha).

i’m looking into University of Puget Sound, Oberlin, Bard College, William & Mary, Kenyon, Rutgers, BU, and Reed as a super reach! all of this is subject to change, as I have over a year until i transfer :relieved:

also regarding financial aid, from what i gathered is that FA is given less to transfer students than incoming freshman at a lot of colleges. i’m personally transferring from a community college so i’m not sure if it’s the same! and i’m honestly not sure if it would make a difference if you applied in the fall vs spring. freshman are usually the priority so us transfer students have it rough haha

In general if you transfer to begin in fall, you will have a larger cohort of transfer-in students. That can help you transition better, IMHO. Fall often has better orientation for transfer students, including activities. I think this is because spring students are fewer. It will be easier to make friends, IMHO in fall.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, check with the college to see what orientation they provide for transfer students, per semester.

I wanted to transfer fall 2020 but pushed it off due to covid, and ended up applying for this spring (to NEU and BU too!) Many of the PTK scholarships I was planning to apply to were only eligible for fall transfers :confused: