Applying to a major and then changing?

<p>I am considering applying to CMU as a physics major. However, I am not 100% set on actually being one (I do not want to apply undecided though...)</p>

<p>How hard would it be to go into comp sci or computer engineering?</p>

<p>Going from MCS to SCS might be a bit difficult. You would have to make sure to take a good amount of CS courses during your time as a physics major. Transferring to CIT would be much easier, especially since as a physics major you're already taking physics and calculus classes freshman year, which are required for CIT freshmen, as well.</p>

What if I were to switch even before starting classes?</p>

<p>(Are spots in certain classes reserved for certain majors, and when do people have to declare a major?)</p>


<p>You probably wouldn't be able to transfer schools before taking classes, but you could definitely take some of the classes required for the major you want to switch to. Most of the classes do have reserved spots for the school for which that class is required, but there are lots of open spots as well.</p>

<p>You are part of a certain school (SCS, CIT, MCS, etc.) right when you start out at CMU, but you don't declare until the end of freshman year, and you can always change your major later on. If you think you might change your mind about your major even before you start taking classes, I would encourage you to apply to multiple schools instead of just MCS so that you can make that choice later on in the Spring.</p>

<p>Thanks for the detailed answer, that was the main question I was getting at. I'll probably apply to CIT and MCS then.</p>