Applying to a specific college (and transfers)..

<p>Are applications to Duke geared toward a specific college, or do students apply to Duke University as a whole?</p>

<p>If applications are geared toward a specific college, how hard would it be to transfer from humanities to engineering (and vice versa)?</p>

<p>Thanks for any help :)</p>

<p>You need to choose trinity (art & sciences) or pratt (engineering). Transferring from A&S to Eng is harder because your grades are reviewed. The other way is easy.</p>

<p>I see. Thanks for the response. What if I wanted to switch before school started? Is that possible?</p>

<p>I've never heard of anyone doing it. If you are thinking about trying to game the system by applying to the "easiest" college then transferring then I would highly discourage it. It's really not worth the effort and might actually end up drawing unwanted attention to yourself from the deans since they usually look at these things. </p>

<p>The earliest that most people transfer is after one semester.</p>

<p>Thanks again :)</p>

<p>I'm asking because most of my EC's are focused around writing. I definitely plan on taking creative writing and english classes in college, but I think I'd like to major in something more technical.</p>

<p>I do have a few science EC's..just not as much. I thought it would look odd if I applied as an engineering major with all my humanites EC's. But it looks like I'll have to apply to Pratt.</p>

<p>duuuude... apply to the school that you intend to attend. Why would you apply to Trinity just so you could switch over after a semester (and miss most of the intro classes where you bond with your classmates)?</p>

<p>If you're qualified for Pratt (and to my understanding, there's a greater emphasis on numbers), you'll get in.</p>

<p>You technically can't transfer until the end of your first year, not first semester. But it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what school you're in freshman year with regards to which classes you can take. I knew people in Trinity who took EGR 53 and I knew two girls who were technically in Pratt and took ZERO engineering courses....Duke doesn't check and doesn't care. Having said that, transferring from Pratt -> Trinity is as easy as checking a box. Trinity -> Pratt is easy as long as you have the necessary math/science requirements freshman yr (and take EGR 53 second semester) and did decently. Duke is not like some schools where it's a whole application process to switch schools or where enrolling in certain courses is difficult; it's quite simple. Apply to where you think you'd be happiest. I wouldn't be concerned with a lack of science ECs if that's what you really want to study.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I'm just going to apply to Pratt.</p>