Applying to an unpopular major

My major isn’t a popular one. I was wondering if that helps my chances? Thanks for replies

This depends where you are applying to.

For an undergraduate student (or a high school senior applying to become an undergraduate student) some universities admit by major. Some do not. When I originally went off to university, I did not choose my major until the end of my freshman year.

For graduate programs (master’s degrees, doctorates, and so on) as far as I know every university admits by major.

I am guessing the question is for USC, since I see the post has a USC tag.

@Bambi514 it would probably help if you specify which major you are applying to? Or if you don’t want to specify major, which school? (Dornsife Letters Arts & Sciences, Viterbi Engineering, Thornton Music, etc.)

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Smaller departments often admit fewer students.

Are you asking about USC (So Cal) specifically or schools in general?


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