Applying to Awesome Math

Hello everyone,

I’m a female rising junior applying to Awesome Math this summer. I qualified for AIME both this year and last year, but my scores are barely above the AIME floor. Should I include my scores, or will it hinder my application?

Thanks so much!

Do they request it on the application?

Their course guideline say that their level 1 courses are for non-AIME qualifiers and level 2 is about 4-7 AIME. AIME 1-3 scorers should select level 1 in weak subjects and 2 in strong subjects.

This all implies that an AIME qualifier is well above the bar for students that are prepared for their camp. So if they request that data, I’d certainly provide it.

Yes, they do ask for it. I got a 5 on the AIME last year. Do you recommend me to apply to level 2?

Given that they recommend Level 2 courses for AIME scores of 4-7, it sounds like those are the appropriate course levels. They should know best.

AwesomeMath is a good program, but not particularly competitive to get into. You should be fine.