Applying to boarding schools, USA

I am a 14 year old applying to US boarding schools as a sophomore. The schools are Exeter, Andover, Choate, Hotchkiss, and Lawrenceville.
I have good overall grades, mostly As and A+, I play basketball and have won at a national level, I have led the basketball team twice, I have been part of the student council twice and have led 2 research projects. I am part of my school’s photography club and have an Instagram for my photos.
I have a community service project too, which was helping nearly 1500 people get food for a week minimum during COVID, and was probably the first teenager to do it in my vicinity. After my doing, there have been a lot of other recent projects, with almost the same objectives as mine.
In my country SSAT is not available this year but ISEE is.

What are my chances and what impact will COVID have?

Your stats and activities are quite impressive.I can’t actually chance you as I’m an applicant too. But you haven’t mentioned if you are applying for financial aid or full pay . Besides you should also apply to other schools too as the ones you mentioned are highly selective.

Hi! I’m applying for full pay, and I got waitlisted at all last year and was accepted into Concord Academy, I couldn’t go because of covid :frowning: ,so I hope my chances increase this year!