Applying to Boston Uni Early Decision...

<p>Los Osos High School
Alta Loma CA</p>

<p>10th-12th Grade Academic Weighted GPA: 3.9
Class Rank: 41st out of 565</p>

<p>Senior year classes:
Technical Theatre
AP French
AP Economics,
AP Government,
AP Physics
AP Calculus
& AP English Literature</p>

<p>AP Classes Taken: US History
English Comp
& World History</p>

<p>AP Scores:
US History 5
English Comp 4
World History 3</p>

<p>2004 – 2005 National Honor Society
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Humphrey

<p>2003 – Present National Honor Society
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Humphrey

<p>2003 – Present Los Osos Theater Department
Advisor: Randy Shorts
Work Experience for Community
Productions in Theater </p>

<p>2003 – 2004 Los Osos Theater Department
Advisor: Randy Shorts
House Manager/Stage Manager for
High School Productions</p>

<p>2003 – Present Sam Maloof Museum and Workshop
Advisor: Meryl Grady
Community Service</p>

<p>2002 – Present Los Osos Model United Nations
Advisor: Melinda Elsea
Founding Member</p>

<p>2003 – 2004 Los Osos Model United Nations
Advisor: Melinda Elsea
Assistant Secretary General</p>

<p>2002 – 2003 Academic Decathlon
Advisor: Kathy Bullard

<p>2002 – 2003 American Red Cross Club of Los Osos
Advisor: Mr. Rios
Founding Member</p>

<p>2002 – 2003 Kiwanis – Key Club
Advisor: Ken Burd
Founding Member</p>

<p>2001 – 2002 <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Editor: Ethan Pearson
Features Writer</p>

Taken Twice, a 26 and a 28.</p>

<p>SAT: taken once, 1220.</p>

<p>bump please....</p>

<p>I'm looking for an honest opinion here guys... thanks</p>

<p>You'll get in. BU is not that tough to get into, and there General Studies program will take just about anyone!</p>

<p>Well ****. I got my satIIs and they are horrible...</p>

<p>Math Level II with Calculator

<p>U.S. History


<p>And here I got a 4 on AP english and a 5 on ap us history...</p>

<p>omg do we get our scores today</p>

<p>I think you'll get in personally.</p>

<p>If im not going to get in, I'd like it for someone to give me a rough estimate of my chances. Thank ye. Also, should i retake the satI or satII in november?</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance (78.97% to be exact :) ) I think your scores aren't strong, but i doubt Boston is that competitve!, so you'll probably get in. Best of lucks</p>

<p>Actually, BU is getting more and more competitive, hence the 8 spot jump in the US News Ranking. I would say maybe 60 percent because of the ED. (I know a little about the school because both my parents went there and talk about it like every day)</p>

<p>ull get in...dont worry</p>

<p>cuz of ur sky high GPA and ur super hard courses, if not cuz of ur million extracurriculars</p>

<p>You will most likely get in. BU, though it might be climbing, is simply not that selective and you're a great candidate. Your scores seem to be hitting right in BU's average scores as it were.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies and good luck wishes. I was curious what my chances are with Cal State and Uni of Cali schools.... they are strictly backups at this point, but it's always good to cover the bases.</p>