Applying to bryn mawr in ed

Hey! I’m an international applicant, applying to bryn mawr for ed but i really have some doubts.
I have a gpa around 3.94(weighted)
Had 2as,3bs and 3cs in my igcse,but then i shifted from sciences to social sciences.
In alevels i had
A in econ
B in buisness
B in maths
B in urdu(lang)
My extracurricular are:

  1. president of my own organisation which promotes women empowerment and helps girls get education

2)My own tution centre

  1. head of national school function.
    4)Volunteered at a tree drive
  2. arranged a debate comp
    6)Interned and banks and hospital
    7)Part of tcf
  3. head of finance in pink ribbon
  4. member of marketing and finance at an hospital
  5. participant in ikmc
  6. participated in muns
  7. participated in ikmc
  8. organized many bake sales
    And stuff like this
    I just gave my sat but dont have any high expectations. So can someone please tell me what are my chances of getting in if i apply to bryn mawr in ed with asking for financial aid.

Why ED?

If Bryn Mawr is the only place you are interested in at all in the US, and you have good options elsewhere, then indicating the seriousness of your interest by applying ED could make sense. However is there are several places in the US that interest you, and money is an issue, then it may be a better idea to wait and apply RD. That way if you are admitted several places and offered aid, you will be able to compare the packages.