Applying to BU,NEU,Bentley,Babson,Brandies and Bryant

<p>Hey all, i'm Applying to BU,NEU,Bentley,Babson,Brandies and Bryant. Please Chance me!</p>

<p>College GPA: 3.47
High school GPA: 2.2
SAT: N/A. Not required.
Selected Major: Finance
Entering as : Sophomore</p>

<li>International student. Not applying for Financial aid.</li>
<li><p>Lots of good ECS and Recs.</p></li>
<li><p>Im just really worried about my terrible high school record, do you think that will stand a barrier in the admissions. Please Chance me if i were to apply for my junior year as well, considering that it might make a difference since i have been in college longer.</p></li>

<p>How many credits do you have. The more college credits you have, the less they consider your high school records. Maybe you should enter as a junior?</p>

<p>By the end of this year i would have 30 credits. Thanks for the response. Any others?</p>


<p>I am applying to all those schools, except Brandeis, as well. I have the same questions regarding high school records. From what I have heard, though, is that they don't really consider high school records the longer you've been at a community college or whatnot. Like what was said before, maybe you should try entering as a junior like I am. Good luck!</p>