Applying to college

Ok so I’m in the middle of my application (I haven’t started school yet, I’m a senior) and it asked me for volunteer work I’ve done. And I feel bad that I’ve never done any. I have bad social anxiety so I never really wanted to do any volunteering. Will I still be accepted if I’ve never had any community service? Keep in mind I have a 3.8 GPA and 27 act score and I’ve taking ap/honors all throughout high school. Will this hurt the decision process? Should I wait until I have at least one volunteer experience which I can get once school starts and just send my application after I’ve done the volunteering. Also the college I’m applying has 80% acceptance rate and the one of the only ‘selective’ colleges in my state because my parents won’t let me go out of state.

If there is no pending deadline, then submitting your application until after you have started volunteering makes sense. Do you have a credible plan to start volunteering soon? If your plan is not likely to happen, then just say “none” and send it in.


If I say ‘none’ will it look that bad? And the deadline isn’t until November 1.

The colleges would rather have you list your passions rather than make up activities to try to make yourself look good. I don’t think you will be able to “catch” up with the students who have hundreds/thousands of volunteer hours at shelters, food banks, hospitals, etc.
You should just list “none”. It shouldn’t hurt your instate chances.

What Cheddar means is if it’s troubling to you, do some voluntarism now and include it. However, don’t buy into the myth that you need ANY vol hours. No college requires it whatsoever. HS students believe they do. They’re wrong.