Applying to Coops - too late?

<p>Hello everyone,
as an EAP student, I want to apply to coops. It says there is no deadline, I wonder if any of you know if I would still have a solid chance of approval if I apply now.</p>

<p>im pretty sure you have no chance. i know people who applied in jan-march and are still waiting/waitlisted. maybe if you apply to the ones no one wants, like single gender or some weird theme/location. there's no deadline because its rolling admission, but space needs to open up first..</p>

<p>do you know which ones are "weird themed"? they all look like decent places on the official website, so it's not easy for me to figure it out.</p>

<p>You might have a chance if you're EAP because you'll get priority. Otherwise, I wouldn't count on it.</p>

<p>go for it anyway. if you want to move out of your dorm after first semester, you'll have a much better chance (and will get a better room bid number too, based partly on your application number and how early you applied).</p>

<p>ones that don't get filled <em>as</em> easily: afro (perception that it's all blacks who live there -- not true at all), oscar wilde (LGBT-themed one), hoyt (all-women)</p>

<p>i'm a transfer student and i applied today. the guy on the phone told me i have a pretty good chance bc i put "any fenwick" and "any rochdale" apartments on there...i'm also in EOP. i was under the impression that the co-ops were part of the regular housing app, and the housing app is due on june 7th for me (and it's lottery-based). so that's why i waited this long...anyway i'm pretty sure that guy lied to me so they can get my $50 application fee :(</p>

<p>idk about priority, maybe thats different, since all my friends were just regular students. i guess just the single gender co ops, maybe the ones in far-off locations, or just leaving it super broad like the person above did. but it can't hurt to apply, just have backup housing plans!</p>

<p>Definitely still apply, because tons of spots open up closer to the beginning of the contract period/within the first few weeks. Also, if you still are interested for future semesters, they place people by when they submitted their app, so you'd have priority over people who applied in Nov or whenever for spring semester.</p>