Applying to different schools as different majors

<p>Can i apply to different schools as different majors? an example would be applying to UCR as business and UCB as Philosophy. is this allowed, and if so has anyone here had experience with this? thanks</p>

<p>Yeah that is permissible. The problem comes in the form of perquisites though. A lot of perquisites don't quite match up for different majors. I applied under Poli for some schools and Phil for others, but that was only because the preqs were so lax for both, with IGETC in common.</p>

<p>You can do that. Since UCR does not look at personal statements, you can focus your PS completely on CAL's intended major!</p>

<p>I applied to:</p>

<p>UCSD - Human Development
UCLA - Psychology
UCB - Philosophy</p>

<p>I was admitted to all 3, but I did spend months on my personal statements. In the end, just make sure you gear your PS's to the schools that actually read them - like UCB and UCLA.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, will definitely spend a lot of time on the PS's</p>

<p>if i apply to</p>

<p>UCLA- sociology
UC IRVINE- biology</p>

<p>what do i do when it comes to the personal statement? is there a way to separate it so i send a diff one for ucla and for uc irvine?</p>

<p>(well i wanted to double major so did all the requirement for both if ur wondering)</p>

<p>No, the UCs use a form of common app, so you basically you fill out one application and check off what schools/majors you want to send it to and it sends the same thing to all the schools you select.</p>