Applying to Georgia tech as a international student

Can I apply to Georgia tech as a international student? I’m undocumented

In accordance with University System of Georgia policy, students admitted to Georgia Tech must verify their lawful presence in the United States prior to enrollment.

But if I apply as a international student the lawful presence will not be applicable

Do you meet any of these requirements?

We consider you an international student if:
  • you are living in the United States on a nonimmigrant visa,
  • you are living outside of the United States and will require an F-1 visa to study in the United States, or
  • you are going through the process of becoming a United States permanent resident

I what I did is that I applied to Georgia tech on the common app I put that I do not have a non immigrant visa and they classified me as a international student on the college application. But I haven’t gotten accepted yet

My reading is that if accepted you will be required to show that you’re legally permitted to be in the US either as a citizen or pursuant to a valid visa before you can enroll at the school.

Deferred Action Status (DACA)

Students in Deferred Action (DACA) status do not qualify for enrollment into Georgia Tech based on Board of Regents Policy 4.1.6.

The common app will not make that determination for you. You could also contact the admissions office and ask for clarification.

You posted a similar question a few months ago. The consensus seemed to be that students can’t meet the lawful presence requirement if they’re in the US without the required paperwork. International families would have VISAs.

That thread had links to lists of states that don’t require proof of lawful presence in the US. Georgia wasn’t one of them.

OP doesn’t even have DACA status AFAIK.

Regardless, as austinmshauri says OP posted this on an earlier thread, and many CC’ers said the same thing. Unfortunately, Georgia will not allow undocumented students to enroll in their public colleges. OP will have to show a lawful presence in the state.

GTech classified OP as an international student because they are not a US citizen or permanent resident. OP will need a valid Visa to study at GTech if they are accepted. No exceptions.

OP, have you applied to a school that is affordable and friendly to undocumented students?

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Closing thread. The answers will not change regardless of how many times the OP asks the question.

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