Applying to Groton for the Second Time

I was just wondering if there is anyone here applying to Groton as a 9th grader that also applied as an 8th grader (did that make sense?). I applied last year and got waitlisted. Do you guys think my admission officer would look at my files from last year? Is anyone in the same boat as me?

Calling @stargirl3 who was accepted to Groton on her third try. She’s our poster child for persistence with a great attitude.

My son is applying again too (same grades as you, was waitlisted too), the AO assured us they kept everything from last year. Good luck!

I’m in the exact same boat (: Current 9th grader, got waitlisted last year

My daughter was WL last year for 8th and is applying again. I talked to the AO from last year before she reapplied. I believe they review both year’s applications but I’m not positive.