Applying to Illinois Wesleyan University?

<p>So I just stumbled across this website and think it's awesome how much info you can learn about a college! :) </p>

<p>This is my summer going into senior year of high school, and I'm thinking about applying to IWU. I've really fallen in love with the campus. Of course I've only visited once but am planning on visiting again in a couple weeks with my parents, this time. </p>

<p>I feel like my chances of being accepted are low though ):
My info:
-- My GPA freshman through junior year is about a 3.6 or 3.7
-- involved in over 4 clubs and president/creater of one.
-- did an internship over the summer at the U of I in a lab
-- did another internship at a hospital
-- volunteer at multiple places for many hours a week freshman-junior year (to be continued next year as well)
-- ACT score of 22....yeah, that's bad. But I'm planning on retaking before applying.
-- I also got 2 D's my first semester of junior year cause I stupidly slacked off...
-- Mostly all A's and B's</p>

<p>I'm thinking about majoring in bio but torn because I also love English. </p>

<p>Do you guys think I have a chance at all? If anyone was accepted to IWU, would you mind sharing what your scores were?</p>

<p>Hi! I'll be a sophomore at IWU this fall and I'm a Piano Performance major!</p>

<p>The Bio program here is fantastic, so it's great you're looking into that. It's a difficult program, so you'd be busy.</p>

<p>The 22 ACT would be kinda low for IWU, since the average is about 28. However, the intnerships, volunteering, and clubs would be helpful. So if you get your ACT up, you'd probably stand a good chance. With the 22 ACT, I can't say that you'd be able to get in. Also, the average high school GPA here is a 3.8.</p>

<p>My stats were about a 3.9 GPA and 30 ACT, but since I'm a music major, my audition was a big part of the admission stuff too. Make sure to write good essays!</p>

<p>Definitely come visit again! Let me know if you have other questions.</p>

<p>I just got back from our May Term trip to Bulgaria to perform chamber music, so if you come here, you can do a lot of fun trips in May Term like that. I'm heading back to campus on Friday to work at the summer music camps also.</p>