Applying to Iowa State University this summer?

Ok, so I am now done with my junior year of high school and left with a 3.7 GPA. I got 6 B’s (1 including Ap Lang), a C in APUSH and an A in the other class. I’m currently in this program called the Cyclone Advantage Program were it will let me apply 2 weeks early before July 1. The problem is that I got an 18 on my act score but I will retake it again on July 14. Should I still apply before I take my act or till after? (BTW my RAI score is above 245)

Are you in-state? in- State needs a RAI score 245 for guaranteed acceptance, OOS needs a 255. So if you meet those criteria, why wait? However, if you are thinking a higher ACT will get you more scholarship money, I would call and ask if once you are accepted if you can send in an additional ACT score for scholarship consideration . My understanding is that housing selection is based on your admission date. So the sooner the better.